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Ariadne has never been what anyone would call ordinary. A princess who trained as a priestess, she’s always known her life would never be entirely her own.

Until a foreign prince comes and wants her to betray her kingdom.

The prince isn’t alone, and his associate has plans not even the gods themselves can stand in the way of. Ariadne must choose between her kingdom and her freedom, before the family curse can claim another victim.


Hi, welcome to my website.

I’m George Elmer. I’ve been making up stories since I knew what a story was. I’m always creating something, whether a new story or an article, and this is the place to find out more. Look around and discover a world of myths and murder.

All the best,

Where to next?

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The Blog

No one said writing was easy. Read George’s musings on creating fiction. They’re rather sarcastic.

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George’s Writing Class

George has created a rather thorough masterclass on plotting for you to write your own next best novel.

George’s Works

George likes to create worlds, which makes sense because her head’s always in the clouds. Murder and monsters are right here.

They’re not human, are they?

George Elmer is an author of dark Arthurian fantasy, writing for morally ambiguous people searching for worlds with a little magic and bloodshed.

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