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Paris Fonnereau has never wanted to be the son of the Witch Queen. He’s spent his life running away from his duty as her heir to the Coven’s throne and towards building his own dreams.

But then his mother dies in a house fire, and Paris doesn’t want to believe it was an accident. He must claim his title as the new leader of the New York Coven, and uncover the truth of his mother’s murder… if he can survive a brewing civil war.


Hi, welcome to my website.

I’m George Elmer. I’ve been making up stories since I knew what a story was. I’m always creating something, whether a new story or an article, and this is the place to find out more. Look around and discover a world of myths and murder.

All the best,

George’s Latest Release

Valerian Bone has straddled the line between our world and the magical for the last five years as an alchemist. Ever since he can remember, it’s brought his family nothing but misery. Even his missing fiancée, Rosalind, is part of this curse, the school she was last seen at offers him an invitation to teach his speciality at a time he desperately needs the money.

The school is full of secrets and nosy teachers, and teaching an advanced class takes up a chunk of the time he wants to spend searching for Rosalind. Valerian finds himself continuing the investigation Rosalind uncovered, a conspiracy related to the manner of his parents’ deaths years before. He must unravel his own identity if he wants to save his reputation and find Rosalind alive.

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The Blog

No one said writing was easy. Read George’s musings on creating fiction. They’re rather sarcastic.

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George’s Writing Classes

If you’re over not writing the novel you want to read, have no fear because George is here offering classes just for you.

George’s Works

George likes to create worlds, which makes sense because her head’s always in the clouds. Murder and monsters are right here.

They’re not human, are they?

George Elmer is an author of dark urban and Arthurian fantasy, writing for morally ambiguous people searching for worlds with a little magic and bloodshed.

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