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About George Elmer

I write stories of monsters and magic. I research myths and legends. I design all my own book covers. Part-time historian, part-time blogger, full-time nerd. Slytherin. Talk mythology to me.

Writing horror stories since 2017.

George Elmer has had her head in the underworld creating fiction since she was old enough to know how to write. She spent her childhood reading books far above her age group’s reading level and imagining dark stories about fairies at the bottom of the garden she never finished. Many projects, including a collaboration with two friends in high school and multiple NaNoWriMo attempts, fizzled out before they left the ground.

In her last year at university (a joint degree in psychology and criminology) that George completed Crimson Prince in 2017. She based this novel on the many stories floating around her head which had never seen the light of day.

She’s convinced she’d never get along with a 9-to-5 office job. Since her graduation, she has had a few short-lived jobs. These include a youth representative, an elderly care assistant, and a volunteer youth leader at her local church.

George always has many projects on the go at once. But she never writes in public for fear of what people sneaking glances over her shoulder might think. Her family is a constant source of distraction. Her family also sees that she now finishes what she starts.

If her fingers aren’t dancing over her keyboard researching various folklores or obscure trivia, they’re probably holding whichever book holds her current interest, learning French, or attempting to teach herself to compose a musical.

Precious Vile Things was the first novel she published under her own name.

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