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George Elmer

Confessions of a 20-Something Semi-Closeted Lesbian

My name is George Elmer, I’m British, and I’m a semi-closeted lesbian. I’m still questioning what the trajectory of my life will be.

What Gay Fiction is Trying to Tell Us About Society

Does it really matter who’s gay and who’s not in this day and age? My musings on homosexuality, related fiction, and the society. I’m a nerd.

How Not To Mistake Old and Middle English: 5 Things To Look Out For

There’s a misconception of what Middle English actually is. Here’s five things for when you come across really old manuscripts in museums.

Valerian Bone Chapter One

A missing fiancée. A personal grudge. A secret to destroy everything.

The Implications of Purple Prose defines purple prose as, “Intrusively ornate prose.” I call it, “No-one can read your work without a dictionary.”

The Implications of Vapid Love Interests

We all know the drill. The love interests fall off towers. The narrator talks about how perfect the love interest’s abs are for three pages.

Out of the Grave Chapter One

Think you know the story of Theseus and the Minotaur? Think again.

Crimson Prince Chapter One

New York City. A world of witches and blood.

These Kind of Knaves Chapter One

When you want to be extraordinary, how far are you willing to go to get there?