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The Implications of Overly Masculine Heroes

My mother named Indiana Jones, Marvel’s Thor and Clark Kent as Overly Masculine Heroes. And they all risk developing testosterone poisoning.

The 10 Ultimate Dark Fantasy Books You Haven’t Read

This shortlist of ten books are what I’d recommend for people who like a darker flavour to their bookshelves.

The Implications of Cliché Villains

When someone says to me “villains”, I immediately think of a moustache-twirling Brit in a suit stroking a white cat. Or a Brit in general.

The Implications of Immortality

We all love the idea of living forever. But there are some things authors don’t consider when they romanticise life after death.

3 Essential Tools for Drafting Your First Novel

There are far too many articles and books out there telling you which software to use to write with. I don’t want to be “that guy” and add to that, so this article is just the three things I tell everyone who ever asks.

The Problem of Accuracy in Arthurian Legends

In writing my trilogy, I’ve learnt a few things about just how terrible King Arthur was for telling us about the Middle Ages.

The Unofficial Guide On How To Plot A Novel

In my many years of failing to complete a novel, I wrote by the seat of my pants. I didn’t know where my story went, how it would end, or anything beyond my main character.

Five Things to Do When You Want to Finish Your Novel

Everyone has good days and bad days; it’s genuinely accepted as a universal fact. But what a lot of people never say is just how hard it is to finish a damn novel in the first place.