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Crimson Prince

Paris Fonnereau has never wanted to be the son of the Witch Queen. He’s spent his life running away from his duty as her heir to the Coven’s throne and towards building his own dreams.

But then his mother dies in a house fire, and Paris doesn’t want to believe it was an accident. He must claim his title as the new leader of the New York Coven, and uncover the truth of his mother’s murder… if he can survive a brewing civil war.

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New York City. A world of witches and blood.

Follow Paris Fonnereau as he searches for the truth in a city where nothing is as straightforward as he’d like.

I wrote this book back in 2017 and published it the following year under the name Francis Leigh. I then rewrote it and completely redesigned it in 2021 to republish it under my own name. I did this because I don’t think I was ever happy with the original result. It was my first finished novel, after all.

My family, and Heather, have my eternal gratitude for the crap I pull, the words I babble, and me promising things I never deliver. Tiah-Paige also has my gratitude for agreeing to be my beta reader and ensuring the book is the best it possibly can be.

Coming Soon