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Precious Vile Things

Evander Bone doesn’t know who he is or what he’s done, but he does know there’s something wrong with this small town.
Evander is determined to solve this mystery, even if it means he’s no longer welcome among those he calls friends.

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If you don’t remember, does that make it true?

Precious Vile Things was one result of my fascination with the Norse conquest of Britain and life in a small town.

Main Theme Song: Silent Melody by Working For a Nuclear Free City

Closing Credits: Seven Nation Army by SKÁLD

This story is my attempt at writing gothic horror. My hero does bad things and suffers for it.

This story, in particular, hints at another of my obsessions, the Viking Age. I love the rich mythos and the fact that we don’t know much about them at all. Like the Anglo-Saxons, all we really have are bones and written documentation from a biased source. The Christian Saxon monks didn’t like the pagan Vikings. The Vikings’ own written histories were written after their conversion to Christianity and therefore can’t be trusted.

I finished Precious Vile Things. It is only the second “full-length” novel I can say this about. But this story is the first to get properly edited and revised. I took my time in crafting perfection, to ensure the story was perfect as it approached publication and into your hands.

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