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Implications of Storytelling

The Implications of Purple Prose defines purple prose as, “Intrusively ornate prose.” I call it, “No-one can read your work without a dictionary.”

The Implications of Vapid Love Interests

We all know the drill. The love interests fall off towers. The narrator talks about how perfect the love interest’s abs are for three pages.

The Implications of Overly Masculine Heroes

My mother named Indiana Jones, Marvel’s Thor and Clark Kent as Overly Masculine Heroes. And they all risk developing testosterone poisoning.

The Implications of Cliché Villains

When someone says to me “villains”, I immediately think of a moustache-twirling Brit in a suit stroking a white cat. Or a Brit in general.

The Implications of Immortality

We all love the idea of living forever. But there are some things authors don’t consider when they romanticise life after death.