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Organise Your Writing Life

No-one tells you how difficult writing a fiction book is, and there’s so much information out there you don’t even know where to begin organising your writing life.

Organise Your Writing Life is a roadmap to outlining the story you have in your head. Using the process which has served her well, George Elmer guides you through:

  • Discovering complex plots
  • Creating characters
  • Exploring your story’s location

This book will help you write your next best novel, today.

Are you ready to know where your story is going before you even begin?

There’s a saying that everyone has a book inside them waiting to be written, but no-one elaborates on how to do it. Any advice barely explains how to get the book out of your head and down on paper ready for writing.

So what makes this book different from any other on writing fiction?

Book Mockup. Ipad on notebook with pen and glasses. A mug of coffee is nearby.

With this book, I present the process I use to turn my daydreams into full-length fiction, and I’ll guide you on how you can do the same. Because I don’t believe in clichés, there’s no beating around the bush while giving you nothing substantial to work from.

Inside this book, I take you through a simple roadmap. You’ll take your idea and turn it into an outline you can use to write your next best novel.

As I’m fed up with reading material that offers nothing of value, by the end of the book, you’ll have a full-fledged pre-draft roadmap ready to go. I believe in offering actionable advice, and that’s what this book will give to you.

This book isn’t for those wanting an easy way out. I don’t believe in spoon-feeding you entire stories. Quality books are those where the writer cares enough to spend time, effort and emotion on their projects.

That said, this book is for writers who are invested in their ideas and take their time crafting their best novel. I dedicate this book to those whose books are passion projects they want to give life to.

George Elmer on a rock

Who am I? My name’s George Elmer and I kill off characters for a living.

I’ve started and abandoned more works than my physical age squared. I’ve been many things in my life, and I’ve completed many online history courses. My degree is BSc with honours in Psychology and Criminology, and I have Level 3 diplomas in Arthurian Legends and Egyptology.

I might say I’ve been writing horror since 2017, but that’s really how long it took me to finish my stories. This is the culmination of the process that helped me to finish books including Precious Vile ThingsThese Kind of Knaves, and Crimson Prince.

And I want to help you do the same.

Are you ready to write your next best novel today?