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How to Plot A Novel You Want to Write


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THE PLOTTING PROCESSION is everything you need to know about how to plot your novel before you even put pen to paper for the first time.

This is your simple three-step masterclass through the primary stages of how to plot your story. You can finally write your next (or first!) best novel.

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There’s a lot of differing views out on the internet on how best to plot a novel, but not one of them leaves you feeling satisfied with content you’ve just read.

It’s hard to plot a novel when all the information is contradictory and unintelligible in either form or content.

What if, starting this week, you were making genuine progress on your story? You were putting down on paper the idea you’ve had floating in your head and the story came to life right before your eyes?

The Plotting Procession gives you an in-depth look at what comprises a plot, plus examples and guided questions, so you can begin plotting your next best novel right away.

And the masterclass also includes a companion textbook, a guide you can download and follow along with while you’re away from your computer.

This masterclass is for you if you:

✅ Are tired of never finishing your novel and want to get it right this time.

✅ Want to compete in a novel-writing challenge (such as NaNoWriMo) within the next few months. You want to (finally) get your novel as perfect as it can be before you’ve even started writing it.

✅ Have had a story idea floating around your head for a while and have decided now is the time you want to get it down in physical form.

✅ Like the idea of a simple, 3-step framework and easy-to-follow prompts so you can write your next best novel.

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Who Created This Masterclass?

George Elmer has been making up stories since she knew what a story was. She has a decade of experience struggling to finish a novel. Now she aims to ease the way for as many writers as possible so they can write their next best novel and compose the stories they want to tell. She’s written stories on monsters, magic, and situations where not everything turns out okay in the end. Find out more →

Use a framework that works and finally plot your novel.

The simple question is:

Do you want to get your idea out of your head so you can finally write your next best novel?

This masterclass comes with some epic bonuses to help you on your writing journey:

✏ A 74-page PDF downloadable companion textbook

✏ A printable checklist of things to do before you draft your novel

✏ A printable worksheet to distil your idea.

Write your next best novel, today


For this one-time payment, you get access to:
  • Unlimited, on-demand access to the masterclass
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