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Welcome to my official press area. I designed this page to be an easy reference for media professionals and conference coordinators, so it contains all the latest information about me and my works. Please click on the links to download or print the documents.

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For a Google doc of my bio, contact and Q&A, click here.

Author Bio

Long Author Bio

George Elmer is an author of dark gothic fantasy, writing for morally ambiguous people wanting worlds with magic and bloodshed. Children’s fairy-tale happy endings didn’t quench her insatiable desire for horror, so she writes stories without happily ever afters. She combines her various morbid interests to create intricate and plausible worlds. When she’s not planning to slaughter another character, you can find her researching history, mythology, or scientific trivia. George’s ambition is to buy a château with the profits of her books and run writer’s retreats out of the grounds to help other writers to write their next best novels. You can visit her at

Short Author Bio

George Elmer is an author of dark urban and Arthurian fantasy, writing for morally ambiguous people searching for worlds with a little magic and bloodshed. You can visit her at

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Contact Information

Full name: George Elmer

E-mail address:

Online platforms: (web); (Instagram); @georgethecreative (Facebook)

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What do you think are the characteristics of your writing style? Would others agree?

Cynical, sarcastic, morbid. I know people would call my writing cynical. I also have a habit of doing nasty things to innocent characters (Precious Vile Things), I don’t do fluffy romantic comedies unless I can criticise them. It links back to my cynical nature.

At what point in writing do you come up with a title?

Most of the time it happens before I write the first draft. I’ll come across a phrase or quote I like and think, “That’s it, that’s the title.”

That Way Madness Lies, These Kind of Knaves, Out of the Grave, and Precious Vile Things are all quotes from various Shakespeare plays.

What do you envy in other writers?

Their ability to manage everything and produce a fantastic story. I read stories with complex characters in detailed, made-up worlds, who develop throughout the novel. I aspire to create stories like that, but I can barely manage to create a character arc for one character.

Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas for stories are everywhere and anywhere. I usually have so many ideas I end up merging them into one massive story idea, and this ends up all the better. I passed a woman with dreadlocks once, years ago now, and she was the primary inspiration for Amaryllis in Crimson Prince. I fell in love with the Medieval period and Arthurian legends separately, and the idea of a slightly more historically accurate trilogy stuck with me for years as it grew into the monster it is today.

How would you describe your writing process?

Manic. I spend a bit of time mulling over an idea, and only if I can stick with the story long enough to draft it does it become a book. The outlining process is mad and I ask myself a lot of questions about it. The actual writing takes place in the morning, I aim to write three scenes a day every day and try to make that word count over 1,000 if I can. I’ve used NaNoWriMo to help me either finish or get a good half of my books written.

Tell us the meta about your writing that you really want to ramble to people about. (Symbolism you’ve included, character or relationship development that you love, hidden references, call-backs or clues for future scenes.)

I hide a lot of references in my stories, so much so I can barely remember half of them, and they were obscure at the time of writing. I also reference and/or mention mythology quite a bit, tie it into the mythos of my own worlds and get as close to the myths as I can.

I’m also a research buff, quite a few of my stories are as accurate as possible, even if I never get around to writing them. I go down quite a few rabbit holes to find the things I need for my story, such as the age limits for Medieval Knights, who wore what when in the year 1507, and how to create a course syllabus from scratch.

Many people ask many questions about my sanity.

For a longer list of FAQs, please visit my dedicated page, found here.

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Right-click on the image to open in a new tab and save it to your computer. Please note the photographer’s credit is Michelle Elmer.

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Individual Book Media Kits

Crimson Prince

These Kind of Knaves

Precious Vile Things

Out of the Grave

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Sell Sheets

Available here

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